50 Years of Service to the Greater Bay Area, Monterey, Solano and Yolo Counties

Core Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling up to 40" with larger sizes available for special projects.

Seismic upgrade and Center Coring.

Concrete, granite, block, brick, asphalt & any combinations.

Reinforced or unreinforced material.

Electric or hydraulic equipment available.

Mounted, handheld, or Bobcat driven.

From a single core to thousands of cores.

Wide range of core bit sizes on each truck to provide the highest flexibility and level of services.

Flat & Wall Sawing

Gas, turbo-diesel & electric flat saws.

Outside or inside work safety cut.

Clean production with 800 gallon Super-vac available.

Loops, green sawing, depths to 24" +.

Wall saw any material or combination.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, handeld or rail mounted equipment.

Chain saw, ring saw, plunge saw, unique equipment for special projects.

Demolition & Other

Impact drilling for dowels & other applications.

Grinding, planning & other concrete or asphalt surface modification.

Bobcat, hand, air, hydraulic and electric equipment for maximum flexibility.

Combination of our diamond and other expertise can get the job done right.

Operators are highly skilled, union workers who will perform your work safely and get it done right and on time.

Digital Concrete Scanning

Using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to accurately locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits and any other embedded targets in concrete structures, our technicians can make sure that no damage is caused to any structural reinforcement or embedded utilities.

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